The Erickson Homestead Bustietown, Effie, MN
This is Tom & Gunhild’s log home, the photo taken about 1932. Pictured with children Harvey and the twins Allen & Edith who were born in the cabin with the help of a midwife. .
Tom & Gunhild’s new home built by Tom and his close friend Tom Norby 1936.
Tom and Gunhild in front, left. Allen & Edith are standing on either side of Tom. Harvey would be on of the other children. The person on the far right may be Fritz Newman. Tom raised turkeys for a period of time. I remember dad telling me that his dad would butcher the turkeys and pack them in barrels. The turkeys were then shipped to New York by train.
The new home as it appeared in the late 1960’s. The Norway pines surrounding the home were planted by dad in about 1951.
Bigfork River looking northeast from the homestead.
Bigfork River looking southwest from the homestead
I am pretty sure this is Harvey & Allen standing next to their deer hunter’s truck. Tom & Gunhild had hunters come from Grand Forks each deer season.