More Bustie Area Information & Photos

For the most part, the following are publications or writings by settlers or longtime residents of the Effie-Bigfork-Bustitown areas of Itasca County, Minnesota. I have also included news articles from Norway. I have permission to share some of these writings. In some cases I do not. I have scanned the front cover of those publications in the event that you may want search for. These publications are very difficult to find. I would be happy to loan these to anyone wishing to read them. The publications and writings describe in detail the early settlement of the Effie - Bigfork - Bustietown - Evergreen areas of Itasca County
Bigfork, MN Centennial 1907-2007
On the Banks of the Bigfork - Dorothy Manske
Chief Busticoggin - Bob Anderson (Reprint)
Tim-Berrr Volume 1 - Benhart Rajala 1991
Tim-Berrr Volume - Benhart Rajala
The Lost Gold of Busticoggan - Robert Porter
We Homesteaded - James Knight
The Last Frontier - Bergit Anderson
Bigfork Valey Memories Volume 1 - David Patrow
44th Annual North Star Stampede Effie, MN
The Effie TImes April 1999
The Effie TImes July 2002
Effie Memories - Vernie Johnson
Pete Weigant - Bob Anderson
Mustache Jack - Bill Marshall
Bygland Church, Grand Forks, North Dakota
The Case of Couch & Meridith - Mark Anderson
Chief Busticogan - Robert Anderson (Original)
Busties Lake Development Issue
Ingvard’s article on Alfred, Margaret, Tom & Gunhild Norway Visit
Chief Bustiecogan - Chris Thompson Star Trib
1911 Murder of George Herbert Rahier - Chris Marcotte
Several pages from and unknown book. Any ideas?
The November 25, 1963 Duluth News Tribune - Mark Anderson
Homesteaders Dinner - Star Tribune
Bible Camp Song Book
Story from Carl Dahlberg - Len Knotts
M&R Railroad - Len Knotts
The Bleachers - Len Knotts
Memories of Earl Lund - Erik Lund
Gunhild’s Phone Book
Norway, Effie, Bustietown, Evergreen, Bigfork Area Publications